From immigrants. to immigrants. welcome.


What makes Excellence Language Assistance the perfect choice for learning english?


Excellence Language Assistance is here to give a better opportunity for Canada newcomers that speak nearly nothing of english. The pricing of quality english courses here in Toronto are high, that’s why we decided we would make it more affordable for you. Sounds good?


Through our weekly blog we will provide learning and tips. A blog dedicated for everyone who wants to learn english or hear about the Canadian dream. So even if you live here, are planning to come or are just curious, it is for you!


Not only will you attend our classes, you will also be able to learn on-line with our innovative social media interaction. With Youtube videos and everyday SnapChats, you will hear from our teachers useful tips! It can’t get any better!

About Excellence Language Assistance

From immigrants to immigrants. Welcome.
We wanted to deliver you more than just classes. And that’s why we are here.

Just like yourself, when we arrived in Toronto, we had to adapt: different culture, new life, new everything. For some, that’s a simple task. For others, however, even something as easy as grabbing a cab can become a nightmare. Our day-to-day living with people from our country made us realize that a big amount of immigrants didn’t have basic English knowledge, thus struggling everyday in their new lives. That is when we decided we would offer English classes for a few people. In no time we were teaching Monday to Saturday non-stop. But we wanted to deliver you more than just classes. And that’s why we are here. From immigrants to immigrants, Excellence Language Assistance is here to assist not only in learning English, but also in getting settled in your new life. Through our website, blogs and social media, we will give you tips and help you out. Don’t forget to send us an e-mail in our contact section to ask for available classes – or to ask anything you want. We always love hearing from you.


    One out of 5 people in Canada's population is foreign-born. According to the first data from the 2011 NHS, Canada had a total of about 6,775,800 foreign-born individuals who arrived as immigrants. They represented 20.6% of the total population, compared with 19.8% in the 2006 Census.

  • 47% of toronto residents speak a mother language other than english.

    Toronto remains a mosaic of many languages. In 2006, forty-seven percent of the population had a mother tongue in a language other than English or French.

  • 58.6% of those arriving in canada are in the core of the working age group.

    People tend to migrate when they are relatively young. In 2011, 58.6% of people who came to Canada since 2006 were in the core working age group between 25 and 54. A small proportion, 4.4%, was in the older working age group of 55 to 64.


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Michel Marcelino

Excellence Language Assistance Founder and English teacher.
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Rafaela Marcelino

Excellence Language Assistance Founder. Blogger and English teacher.


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